Ratu Adil''s Artworks

About the artist

Sang Ratu Tama Adil (Tata), Sang Ratu Tama Adil (Tata), was born in 1983 to a family of artists in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Her father, Wahyu Utama is a naturalist and portrait painter, owns an art school; Tata’s mother, Anni Affiani, is an impressionist painter. They both teach painting in their house and studio. Likewise, Tata has shown a natural talent for art since early childhood. Tata attended one of the best universities in Indonesia, Gajah Mada University (UGM), in Yogyakarta, where she majored in sociology (undergraduated). She loves to learn about human interactions as viewed through the social sciences. While at UGM, she learned about cultural and religious differences; that gave her the idea of using manifestations of culture as artistic subjects. In 2004, she moved from Yogyakarta to Duri, Riau, Indonesia. This location was quite far away from her family in Yogyakarta. She opened an art gallery and taught fine arts to young children. Later, in 2009, Tata immigrated to the United States and settled in Texas. She attended the Texas Academy of Figurative Art in Fort Worth under realist painter, Ron Cheek. Also attended painting classes with Vern Johnson, an abstract impressionist painter from the Upstairs Gallery, Arlington, Texas. Until her current studies began, Tata had never had any formal education in fine art. As a child, she simply observed her parents and the other adult artists around her, and her natural talent flowered. 

“My inspiration comes from my daily life. Most of my paintings tell stories about women and culture, specifically about Javanese women and Javanese culture, which is my own culture. Therefore, I also use my canvas as my diaries where I can express my feeling and thoughts. For me, art is a tool to deliver a message of peace; I would love to become a bridge of peace between Eastern and Western cultures.'